Kind words that I have received from people that I have worked with…

“Shari saved me from drowning in a sea of confusion, doubt and self-pity.   She provided just the road map (GPS) I needed to become confident in my new role of special needs parent.   As the parent, sometimes I get too caught up emotionally to see my way through a difficulty to find a solution.  Shari comes in without judgement and explains possible solutions.  She listens intently and picks up on little things I missed.  She is very supportive of all that I do with my son and I really appreciate her respectful and caring way of looking at any situation.”

D.S. ~ Mother of son with Cerebral Palsy

“Time spent with Shari Grande is an absolute “must” if you are a parent of a child with a learning difference or special needs. Shari did a wonderful job helping our family navigate the infinite facets (good and bad) of our new world.  She is a wealth of knowledge, caring and warm.  Our conversations were always insightful, comprehensive, educational and fun.  I felt much more equipped to deal with my son, the medical community and our school district after time spent with Shari.  I highly recommend GPS and Shari Grande to any parent struggling with any aspect of special needs parenting.”

E.G. ~ Mother of daughter with ASD, son with ADHD

“I enjoyed Shari’s coaching and benefited immensely. The timing was such that my child was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder soon after I began the coaching program; I was also pregnant at the time. Shari was amazing in guiding me when I had to make some hard parenting decisions throughout the evaluation and diagnosis process. It was a time of great change in my life, and I was concerned about the impact the changes would have on my marriage, my family, and each of us, individually. I honestly do not know how I would have pulled through without Shari. She was able to draw from her personal experience and used the right techniques to make me feel comfortable about the decisions I had to make regarding therapy and family dynamics. She was a fantastic coach: patient, helpful, wise and supportive – it felt like I had a sister, mother, friend and mentor, all in one. Thank you, Shari!”

C.E. ~ Mother of a son, newly diagnosed with autism

“I have known Shari Grande for the past six years. I work as a para educator in a public school, her advice and vast knowledge of working with special needs students is beyond compare.  She is kind, compassionate, and warm to those she works with.  Shari can be tough when she needs to be, especially when standing up for those who are underserved.  She is always well informed and shares her vast information readily.  She has helped me and my daughter though the years during tough challenges and life’s ups and downs.  I am a better educator and mother because of all I have learned from Shari.  The biggest benefit is knowing she will always be part of my team!”


S.A. ~ Special Education Para Educator, Mother of two young adult children

The journey of a family with a Special Needs kid is never-ending and can often seem overwhelming. Having Shari as our guide through that process has made that journey seem easier. Her depth of knowledge on resources, her understanding of the SNK sector and her absolute “I get it!” empathy has helped our son and our family immensely! Thank you Shari!


E.G. ~ Mom to son with CP

Shari listens. She is full of excellent resources and recommendations. It is one thing to study about LD and children, and another to actually live the life. Shari really “gets it”.

R.C. ~ Mom of son with ADHD

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