special needs parent coach, parent coach, autism, dyslexia, IEP plan, 504 plan, parenting skills, special needs advocacy, learning differences, california, Shari Grande, Grande Parenting SolutionsWhat is Parent Coaching?

At GPS, my goal is to assist parents of children with special needs and learning differences by providing collaborative direction.

What does that really mean? A Special Needs Parent Coach offers you a confidential environment to gain new perspectives and tools to grow as the exceptional family you know you can be. I will escort you as your sounding board and family support. I will empower you as a special needs parent while helping you discover practical tools to bring growth. I have years of experience working with families with special needs, including my own.  I understand how tough it can be to navigate the systems to find the best help for your child.  Allow me to help you, so you may help your child.

Together, we can come up with practical ways for you to take care of yourself when you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities to others. Parent coaching can help you work through some of the many challenges of raising children with special needs such as:

  • Advocating for your learning different child
  • Insurance/Medical Model Assistance
  • Syncing with your spouse/family
  • Managing frustration/anger
  • Reducing worry
  • Resource connection
  • Behavioral issues
  • Sibling issues
  • Offering you support from another parent who has gone through the same issues you are facing now and is still learning and growing along the same road
  • Guiding you to become empowered
  • Helping you assert, discover and apply effective life skills for yourselves and your children
  • Adding joy


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