Coaching Services

coaching, special needs parent coach, parent coach, autism, dyslexia, IEP plan, 504 plan, parenting skills, special needs advocacy, learning differences, california, Shari Grande, Grande Parenting SolutionsThe primary objective of G.P.S. is to assist parents as they navigate the world of special needs and learning differences.

Whether it be a new diagnosis of special needs, managing challenges for a child with learning differences, or manipulating the multiple systems involved in both. G.P.S. is the resource I wish I had when I first embarked on my own personal journey and again during our first school transition. My goal is to assist parents by imparting wisdom learned as a seasoned traveler on a similar journey.

Children with special needs and their families require professionals who have specific training and expertise. I am a clinical social worker and a special need parent.  I am knowledgeable about the best resources and services that can help your child such as:

  • Coaching for families of children with Special Needs
  • Individual and family coaching
  • Planning and coordination of services
  • Support for parents and siblings
  • Advocacy and support navigating the public and private systems of care
  • Information and referral
  • Parent education workshops
  • Referral to Socialization groups for children
  • Parent-child play activity groups
  • Consultation for staff at school sites

At the same time, I am delighted to work with parents of children with or without special needs who are seeking parent coaching. While all parents go through some type of challenge while raising our children, parenting issues are varied.  GPS can provide information and ongoing support for a broad spectrum of situations that are not special needs based including:

  • Acting as your sounding board and resource person for decisions that will greatly affect you and your child, such as: Should I work part-time; full time? What preschool or school is best for my child? How can I set firmer boundaries with my teen and stick with them? How do I give each of my children their share of me when there is only one of me?
  • Supporting you in your efforts and goals to take better care of yourself.
  • Facilitating your transitions as you move into new roles as your child matures.
  • Helping parents stay loving parents through a divorce and learn to co-parent.
  • Making your life easier by providing practical ideas and tips based on the latest research such as how best to give homework help; how to motivate your child more effectively; how to ask questions and use language that is developmentally appropriate for your child.
  • Assisting parents manage the school system so you can be a more effective advocate for your child – ALL parents need to know the school system.
  • Assessing your and your partners parenting styles helping you to appreciate the strengths of each other to deal more effectively with your current parenting challenge and beyond.
  • Providing specific principles and research-based effective methods for controlling and managing TV, video, video games, and media’s influences.
  • Addressing sibling rivalry, discipline challenges, and peer-related issues so you get more breathing room.
  • Helping overwhelmed new parents with all the changes a baby brings; supporting adoptive parents through the process; easing challenges for stepparents.
  • Transitions, transitions, transitions (the children’s, yours, theirs, ours) it’s all part of life, but why is it so hard?!

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